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Eugenia, founder
Eugenia Yuan - Founder
Marketing & Business
Development Specialist
Passion for Impact
Renaud, co-founder
Renaud Laine - Co-Founder
Business Consultant
Data Analyst
Tech Enthusiast

Hello from down under! We are Eugenia and Renaud, creators of Bekko.

We moved to Melbourne from China (2016) and France (2018) for study and work without knowing anybody. While it's relatively easy to meet new people (through work, meetups, parties etc.), we find it a bit more challenging to build quality relationships where we feel a sense of belonging, especially after we started our entrepreneurship journey.

We soon realised that our experiences are shared among others. More than 50% of Australians feel that people are around them but not with them, and that their interests/ideas are not shared by those around them (Australian Loneliness Report).The BBC Loneliness Experimentrevealed that about 33% of the global population often or very often feel lonely.

While we know how big the loneliess problem is, we also know that there isn't a "one solution fits all" cure. Stuck within a global pandemic and COVID lockdowns where meeting new people has become almost impossible, we started thinking: Can we help people establish meaningful connections based on what they are looking for, and make this process more efficient and effective?

And that's when Bekko was born.

We are starting off from a directory where you can actively find and reach out to like-minded people for a free 15-minute chat through industry, skill, and interest tags. From there, we will fine-tune some details to make it easier to say hello to a new contact and engage in a new conversation.

Why Bekko? Because we believe that all great relationships start from a chat, an inspiring one. Once you have built the trust and rapport with each other, there are so many potential opportunities to unlock - You might become friends, colleagues, business partners, or even a life companion.

If you are also feeling the thrill of meeting like-minded people, it's time tostart a chatand get connected! We look foward to supporting you along the journey, and having an inspiring chat with you if you would like tocollaborate.

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